Alice in Wonderland

(A Moviestory by Tom Maguire)


Scene 1: Alice falls.

Alice is at a garden party.

Suddenly she sees a rabbit with a watch and follows the strange creature.

She comes to a tree to look for the rabbit, but falls down a hole... down... down... down...


(Click on the image to watch the clip):

Watch the clip again.

Select the correct word and write it in the box:

  1. What colour is Alice’s dress?  Bluish / Greenish / Blackish
  2. What does Alice say at the hole?  Hell no / Hello / Hollow
  3. What does she see when she is falling?  A guitar / a piano / a violin


Scene 2: Who is she?

 Alice enters a garden and meets two friendly twins: Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

 They want to know who she is. They decide to take her to Absalom, a wise man, to find out.

 He asks her who she is and she says, “Alice!”.

He replies, “We shall see.”


Watch the clip again.

Choose the right word and write it in the space:

  1. Alice asks: Who / How / When / are you, if I might ask?
  2. What does the rabbit say?  You can boot / both / bore / escort her.
  3. The twins say Absalom is absent / obsolete / absolute.
  4. Absalom asks Alice: “Where / How / Who / are you?


Scene 3: The Cheshire cat.

Alice encounters the Cheshire Cat who has a big smile.

He notices that Alice is hurt and asks what scratched her.

She answers that it was the Bandersnatch, a monster.

The cat puts a bandage on her arm.

Then he takes her to the Mad Hatter’s house.



Watch the clip again.

Fill in the blanks:

  1. What colour are the cat’s eyes? .(5 letters)
  2. The cats says “At least let me (4) it for you.
  3. The cat asks her, “What do you (4) yourself?”
  4. Cat: “I’ll take you to the Hare and the Hatter, but that’s the (3) of it.”


Scene 4: The Mad Hatter's Party.

She arrives at the Mad Hatter's place, where the Dormouse and the March Hare are having a crazy tea party.

Alice and the Cheshire cat sit down to tea.

The evil Knave of Hearts comes searching for Alice and the Hatter hides Alice in a teapot.

Luckily the Knave doesn’t find her and continues his search.



Watch the clip again.

Fill in the blank spaces:

  1. The cat says, “ !" (7)
  2. The Hatter says to Alice, “(5) this quickly.”
  3. Alice shouts, “(3) me  !” (3)
  4. Before he goes the Knight says, “You’re (2) ."(3)
  5. At the end the Hatter says to Alice, “I  (4)   ."(2)


Scene 5 : The Red Queen’s Castle.

 Alice leaves the Hatter’s house and arrives at the evil Red Queen’s palace. Now she is larger than everyone and she hides behind a hedge.

The Queen sees her and asks who she is. Alice says she is “Um, from Umbrage.” The Queen gives her clothes and invites her into the palace.

Now the Hatter come before the Queen in chains. She interrogates him about Alice. He says he doesn’t know where Alice is.


Watch the clip again.

Fill in the words:

  1. The Red Queen asks, “And  (4)  (2)  ?"(4)
  2. The Queen sits on her throne and says, “I (4)  (1) (3) here.”
  3. The Queen calls for the two, “(3)   !"(4)
  4. At the end the Queen asks the Hatter, “(5)  (2) ?"(5)


Scene 6 : The White Queen’s Castle.

 Alice steals a special sword from the Red Queen’s castle and returns it to its owner: the White Queen.

Then the White Queen gives Alice a potion to make her smaller.



Watch the clip again.

Fill in the correct answers :

  1. What does Alice give the White Queen? .
  2. The Queen says they now need .
  3. Who throws things in the kitchen? .
  4. Alice describes the other queen as “"
  5. At the end the Queens asks Alice, “?”
  6. Alice replies, “


Scene 7 : The Battle.


The White Queen and the Red Queen’s armies meet on a battlefield.

Alice is the White Queen’s champion and the Jabberwocky fights for the Red Queen. The red and white armies go to war.

Alice finally kills the Jaberwocky.



Watch the clip again.

Write the answers: 

  1. Where do the Jaberwocky and Alice fight?
  2. Where is the Dormouse?
  3. Who does the Hatter point his sword at?
  4. What does Alice say to the Jaberwocky?


Scene 8 : Dancing for Joy.


The White Queen now has the crown. She banishes her sister and the Knave of Hearts from the country.

The Knave tries to kill the Red Queen but fails.

The Hatter dances the Futterwacken to celebrate.


Watch the clip again.

Fill in the answers :


1.      Where does the crown go?

2.      The White Queen says to her sister, “You

3.      The Knight calls to the Queen, “Your

4.      The Red Queen screams, “He